Organic Hemp Flower Buds

Highest Quality Premium Organic Hemp Flower Buds (1 pound)
We offer the very best high quality organic hemp flower buds. Only the finest are used. The flower is 17-21% CBD, smells amazing, is dense, and very resinous, with a great terpene profile. Cost includes shipping.

Organic Hemp Flower Buds

  • We normally sell our dried, cured, trimmed, premium lbs of CBD flower for $600 / lb but I'm having a blow out sale right now and dropped the price to $500 per lb. discount and offer you it for $500 each The flower is 17-21% CBD, smells amazing, is dense, very resinous, with a great terpene profile. $500 / lb Cost includes shipping.
    Price: $500.00 Quantity:
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